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Generate Your Own Electricity At Home

If you're looking for a cost-effective energy solution that's environmentally friendly, consider Solar energy for your home from Sun Solar Memphis.

Serving the residential and commercial community for 24 years, we offer complete Solar energy installation services. With rising utility rates nationwide. Let us help you increase the value of your home while saving you money on the energy cost. Here is what our services include:

  • 25 - Years Labor Guarantee.

  • 25 - Years Module Performance.

  • 25 - Emphase Microinverter Guarantee.

  • 25 - Power Production Guarantee (Solar Panels Guaranteed to produce for 25 years)

We take pride in our honesty and integrity. See why Sun Solar Memphis is one of the most trusted trust Solar Companies Memphis, TN has to offer by contacting us today! Call for a FREE estimate at (901) 370-1403.

Trust Us For A Thorough Site Survey

Whether large or small, all solar designs begin with a site survey, Sun Solar Memphis can come to your home and provide an audit to find places where energy may be lost including open seals. When we're certain that your home is not losing money with non-efficient gaps and holes, we will move more forward with more sustainable energy solutions.

We are all about saving our customers money which we may provide solar installation Memphis, TN homeowners love! we'll install new lightbulbs and a thermostat to ensure you get the most out of your solar energy installation. Why pay extra fees and pollute the environment when you don't have to!

We work with Tesla, a forward-thinking company that makes cutting-edge batteries ensure your solar panels last for years to come. Contact Us Today!

Keep Your Money in Your Wallet With Solar Energy

  • 26% of the panels are written off the first year.

  • 25% are written off the next year.

  • 24% written off tax credit the year after.

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Get a $100 VISA Gift Card

Send us a referral that results in a complete Solar Energy Installation and receive a $100 Gift Card! Call (901) 370-1403.



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