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Serving the Community for 24 Years

Serving the community for 24 years, Sun Solar Memphis is a family and locally owned business providing solar power energy to residential and commercial customers. We believe that the best time to invest in solar power is when you have a bad roof. You can receive up to 30% OFF your roof and solar system installation when you combine solar panels that can absorb energy even on a cloudy day.

For a FREE estimate, call (901) 370-1403. Our customer service representative, who has eight years of solar energy estimating experience, will see if you qualify over the phone. He’ll answer all your questions and then provide you with a FREE estimate at the appointment.

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Why Choose Sun Solar Memphis?

  • 25-year labor guarantee

  • 25-year module performance guarantee

  • 25-year Emphases micro inverters guarantee

  • 25-year power production guarantee (solar panels guaranteed to produce for 25 years)

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Price Matching Available

Ask Sun Solar Memphis for details about price matching! We want you to shop with confidence and make sure you are getting the best value. We have an apples-to-apples guarantee! Call today for more information.

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Sun Solar Memphis provides solar panels to residential and commercial properties in the Memphis, TN area.

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Get a $100 VISA Gift Card

Send us a referral that results in a complete Solar Energy Installation and receive a $100 Gift Card! Call (901) 370-1403.



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Mon-Fri 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Sat 10:00AM - 4:00PM
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